Aqua Broadwater Good Place To Take Kids To Eat

by Louise
(Gold Coast)

Aqua Broadwater Good Place To Take Kids To Eat In The Gold Coast

Aqua Restaurant at Labrador is a great place to take kids and eat.

They play movies for the kids to watch and give them ear phones to watch the movies!

Very spacious and great kids and parents menus.

Annie's Comments
Louise thanks for that, you know I lived 100m from that restaurant for 18 months - yet I forgot to mention the child friendly aspects!

I remember seeing that they put on the movies for the kids. I didn't know they gave them earphones or whether their kids menu was any good.

I know their adults food is good, have enjoyed it a few times myself. This restaurant has been there right from the beginning in the Aqua Building, which is an achievement in itself.

Great views across the Broadwater and afterwards the kids can enjoy an icecream there or at Baskin Robbins.

What I like about it there also is that you can go for a walk along the waterfront and if you walk around the corner up to the lagoon, you will find a great kids playground to burn off any excess energy either before or after eating!

Good pick Louise and thank you for sharing.

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