Caravan trip from Cairns to Sydney in January

by Alejandro

Caravan trip from Cairns to Sydney in January

Hello, this is my first caravan trip and we are very exited and a little bit worried regarding weather, the floods and the crowded possibilities.

I have some important questions.

  1. What is the best route and selected stops for this 8 days trip ?

  2. Do I need to reserve in advance the caravan stops (trailer park) ?

  3. Which ones are the best non crowded places that are also beautiful and interesting to stop and visit ?

Many thanks for your help !


I have to admit to not being experienced at all with caravanning in Australia. I have been trying to find you a link to a website that I think would be more suited to answer your question, but cannot find it right now.

I know you want to go soon, and what I am about to say is relevant only to January 2011 and the current unusual weather we are having.

You are right to be concerned about travelling through some of the areas you mention with the current weather and flooding. The long range weather forecasts are suggesting more rain for a while, so it is not likely to be predictable.

Roads are being closed, towns are flooded in places north of Brisbane (and during the Christmas deluge) also in northern NSW. You are best to check with the various road information centres such as RTA in NSW (NRMA is the motoring organisation that would also have information about travel conditions) and Qld Roads in Queensland (RACQ is the motoring organisation). I am sure they have travel advisories for people holidaying.

I can say that on the whole the Gold Coast so far has been spared from the floods you are seeing on the TV news! Occassionally we are getting flash flooding in certain areas, but usually easily worked around and the same in Brisbane too.

With these weather considerations at the moment, it is probably not useful for me to try to answer your other questions, I would suggest you seek good advice from the road authorities as they are best placed to advise whether it is even sensible to set out to go the whole way to Sydney at this time and in the time frame you mention.

I am sorry I cannot be more help at this stage. Please let me know if you have any more questions or need anything cleared up. And let us know what you end up doing. It is useful for others to know too.

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