Gold Coast Weather Outlook Early November

by Sam

What is the Gold Coast weather outlook in early November?

Can you describe in detail how the weather could be in first week of November in Gold Coast?

This is a really tough question to answer! Weather is so unpredictable at best. Trying to describe in detail what the weather could be like in early November is just about impossible.

Early November is generally quite warm, humid, and can be rainy with potential for storms building during the day and playing out at night. In 2010 we seem to be having quite a bit more rain than we have had in the last few years. When we first arrived in the Gold Coast in 2004 my recollection is that it hardly rained at all (except for the summer storms) for almost 3 years! That cycle or weather pattern has changed again and we are certainly experiencing more rain at the moment.

I really can only talk in general terms and that is covered on my Coast Weather page and my page about the Gold Coast in November.

For more up to date information check out my current weather in Gold Coast which has forecasts and other information.

Today, I was reading the ABC news website and I noticed they have a weather blog, I found it quite interesting, so perhaps keep an eye on that for updates too.

I am sorry I cannot be more specific, but I really am not able to give you much more detail. If you have a specific reason for asking this question such as a question about going to the beaches, swimming, diving etc, please leave a comment below and I will try to answer in that context.

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