Suitable time to travel to Gold Coast

by Joane

Suitable time to travel to Gold Coast on 24th January 2012?

I am a little unclear as to your question. I will answer what I think you are asking which is:

Are there any reasons not to travel to Gold Coast around 24 January?

January is summer holiday time in the Gold Coast, and it is very busy. Whilst the Queensland schools start to head back for the new school year about the time you are thinking of visiting, it remains busy because schools from other states around Australia are still on school holidays.

Across Australia we celebrate Australia Day on 26 January each year which is a day that is quite fun to be part of, but means everywhere is busy with people enjoying the day off school and work!

January is a hot and humid month weather wise and there can be some summer storms.

Please let me know if that was helpful or if I didn't really answer your question, leave a comment below and I will try to help you more.

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