What's The Weather Like In Gold Coast in Mid September

by Rose
(Mt G)

What's the weather like in Gold Coast in mid September?

September is the beginning of Spring on the Gold Coast. So we are in a cycle of weather that is usually getting warmer. However, like all weather patterns, nothing is totally predictable!

In general, the days are getting warmer and the humidity is rising from it's winter lows.

Daytime temperatures are on average about 23C but can reach much higher and night time averages are about 12C - so quite mild usually.

It is usually a month with little rain, but there is still the possiblity of rain.

More information about Gold Coast weather patterns

September is a great month to visit the Gold Coast, though towards the middle to end of the month the school holidays start, so if you can travel before the holidays you can enjoy the great weather without the crowds of people at the attractions.

About September on the Gold Coast

September is definitely an excellent time to visit the Gold Coast, there is plenty to do, including seeing the whales and visiting the theme parks!

I hope this information helped, if you have any more questions or you have a specific question about weather I have not covered, please leave a comment below and I shall try to answer it for you.

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