Gold Coast Fun Weekly Updates

Gold Coast is Fun for everyone and now we will be updating you weekly!

We all know the Gold Coast is Fun!

And now we will be bringing it to you directly each week. Get the latest tips, news, deals and updates in a email format.

The weekly updates are designed to help you get the most out of planning your visit to the Gold Coast. Each week we send out a short email with:

  • Gold Coast Travel Tip
  • Hot Gold Coast Deals
  • Updates on Attractions, Tours or accomodation
  • Event News

Or just something that I think you will find useful, if you are planning a trip to Gold Coast. And what's more I will be sharing stuff here with you directly, that I don't always share online ;-)

It's not long and you can read it in a minute or two. It's easy, just fill in the form to subscribe to discover all the Gold Coast Fun you can have!

The second way to get the most out of planning your trip is to use subscribe to the Travel Planning Cheat Sheets....

The NEW Gold Coast Travel Planning Worksheets, Step By Step Topics, Hints, Tips & Resources - Are NOW Available in our exclusive Members Only Area where you can work through all the aspects of Planning your Gold Coast holiday...

Travel Planning Cheat Sheets and Resources
Travel Planning Cheat Sheets
are just some of the resources
in our Members Only Area.

This website has been around since June 2006 and as well as welcoming over 1.25 million visitors to our pages, I have answered and helped many budding Gold Coast visitors to plan their trips to this part of Australia.

Along the way, I have found out what is most important to visitors to know and have helped them plan amazing holidays on the Gold Coast and to maximise FUN!

Now, I want to share that with all our visitors and the result is the new Gold Coast Trip Planning Guide!

The guide can be used on its own or as a companion to help you navigate this huge website.

You can work through the different aspects of planning a holiday to the Gold Coast from deciding what time of the year suits you best to visit, to what to pack and a really awesome set of resources to help you plan out your itinerary.

Click the link to find out more about the Members Only Travel Planning Resource & Area.


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