Are Beaches Warm Enough To Swim In August

by Greg Schubel
(New Zealand)

Are the beaches warm enough to swim in on the Gold Coast? And are there jellyfish in August?

Thinking about a holiday to Gold Coast, but want to be able to swim in the ocean in August.


Are the beaches warm enough to swim in during August? Well that sort of depends!

The water is on average 19°C, so definitely warm enough if you can stand 19°C. Since you are from NZ, the chances are that's not too cold for you, however, others visiting from northern hemisphere summer or closer to the equator are likely to find that might be a bit cool for them.

During August, there would be some cloudy or windy days that I personally would not go for a swim in the ocean, but there are definitely people on the beach at this time of the year.

About jellyfish on the Gold Coast. We are quite lucky that we generally do not get jellyfish and also not the really large or dangerous kind.

Occasionally, they have to close the beaches for blue bottles that blow onto the beaches in certain conditions.

Even in Northern Queensland where the jellyfish are the problem, their season is November to May - so in August you should be fine.

If there are dangers in the water the lifeguards at the flagged swimming areas will warn you of the dangers whether it be the rips or the marine life! Another good reason to always swim between the flags.

Hope that was useful, please leave a comment if you have any further questions and don't forget to rate this answer for me.

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