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Tangalooma is found on the western side of Moreton Island, about 90 minutes by boat from Brisbane across Moreton Bay.


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This place is idyllic and if you have time, I highly recommend a day trip (including feeding the dolphins if time and budget allow) or for those with more time, you can stay on the island at the local resort.

Moreton Island, is the third largest sand island in the world.

Fraser Island further north in Queensland, is the largest, and North Stradbroke Island, just to the south of Moreton Island, is the 2nd largest sand island.

Incredible that all three of the largest sand islands in the world are in Queensland. They are all spectacular places to visit!

It was originally a shore based whaling station.

Perfectly positioned to process humpback whales caught off the coast during the winter months from June through to late October as they migrated to their breeding grounds further north.

It wasn't just any old whaling station. During its ten years of operation, it was the largest onshore whaling station in the southern hemisphere.

Thankfully, it was only open for a decade and closed in 1962. In that time, however it caused a dramatic reduction in the humpback population.


Tangalooma Wreck

Directly from Gold Coast Hotels to Tangalooma Wrecks

Snorkelling on Tangalooma Wrecks with Lunch and Transfers from Gold Coast or Brisbane.

More information & Bookings for day trip to Tangalooma wrecks from the Gold Coast.Enjoy snorkelling around the Tangalooma wrecks with transfers from Brisbane or Gold Coast.

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Today, there are still reminders of the old whaling station.

The flensing deck where the whales were cut up is still standing and certainly gives a perspective of the size of the operation.

I found it quite disturbing, especially after seeing some of the photos in the Marine Education and Conservation Centre.

Thank goodness we watch the whales these days.

Just north of the resort are the Tangalooma Wrecks.

If you have seen a photo of Tangalooma it almost always includes a photo of these wrecks.

The rusty wrecks, vibrantly coloured tropical fish, amazingly aqua blue water and pure white sands are just as stunning in real life as the professional photos show.

Sadly, I have not been able to capture the true beauty of these in my amateur photos - so you will just have to go see for yourself!

These wrecks were deliberately sunk here during the 1960's through until 1984. The first wreck was scuttled in 1963. Their purpose is to provide a safe anchorage on the eastern side of Moreton Bay.

Tangalooma Wrecks are north of Tangalooma Island Resort and can be swum to from the beach. Great for snorkelling.
The wrecks are just north of the resort.
Popular with snorkellers and divers.
They can be reached by boat or by
swimming from the shore. More photos

Today the wrecks are highly photographed and enjoyed by snorkellers and SCUBA divers alike.

The wrecks have created a sort of artifical reef environment and habitat for many different types of marine life.

Many of the day tours offer options to snorkel on the wrecks.

You may have heard the resort referred to as the Wild Dolphin Resort. It gets a bit confusing, but that name comes from the wild dolphins that swim to shore each evening and are hand fed at the resort.

There are now options for those on day trips to stay longer and participate in this feeding. But you need to book these ahead of time, as there are obviously only limited numbers who can be a part of this amazing natural phenomenon.

Where is Tangalooma?

Here's a google map to help put the area into perspective. I have pinpointed the resort and Bulwer on Moreton Island, plus the 3 launch points for the various day tours, cruises and ferries to Moreton Island - Scarborough, Redcliffe and Holt Street Wharf at Pinkemba near Brisbane Airport.

You can zoom in and switch to satellite mode to get better views of the island and the area.

View Moreton Bay Map in a larger map


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