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Information for Gold Coast Schoolies including Byron Bay

The formal Gold Coast Schoolies event is very well organized with activities and entertainment for school leavers ready to celebrate.

Schoolies in Queensland is held in late November each year, directly after the Queensland school leavers last official day of school. Check latest Schoolies dates for Gold Coast, Queensland and other states.

All Schoolies must be registered to enter these Gold Coast events and the organizers and Police are understandably very strict about this.

I have listed the dates below of the official schoolies festival in Gold Coast, but there seems to be confusion as to when it actually ends in the Gold Coast.

Some schoolies attend after the official week and will be disappointed with no formal events for them. Check the dates below.

Byron Bay, in northern NSW is increasing in popularity with schoolies, however there is not the same level of entertainment.

If you are wondering what schoolies is, then think Miami, think Spring Break!

Schoolies Dates and Information for Non-Schoolie Visitors

I get quite a few questions about when schoolies is each year, mainly from visitors who want to avoid it, so this section is mostly for YOU if that is why you have found this page!

Official Gold Coast Schoolies Dates

2019 Schoolies Dates Gold Coast
Week 1 (Official Qld Schoolies Week) - Saturday 16 November to Friday 22 November 2019
Week 2 - Saturday 23 November to Saturday 30 November 2019

2020 Schoolies Dates Gold Coast
Week 1 (Official Qld Schoolies Week) - Saturday 21 November to Friday 27 November 2020
Week 2 - Saturday 28 November to Saturday 6 December 2020

Please note Week 1 dates are the official Schoolies week for Queensland school leavers. This is when there will be the official program of entertainment, schoolies events and general schoolies services are running in Surfers Paradise. Some school leavers come to the Gold Coast in the next couple of weeks, but these are the official schoolies festival dates. Note the official program finishes in Friday, but you may want to book accommodation through to the Saturday!

Qld school leavers are the first to leave school each year, the dates for other states official schoolies weeks are usually the week following Queensland, but check your state dates.

Useful Links and Suggestions for Visitors during Schoolies on Gold Coast

If you are a schoolie looking for accommodation I highly recommend you go through and book your schoolie accommodation with Book Schoolies, because there are usually restrictions and limitations for bookings at this time.

Click to Book Schoolies Accommodation.On their website you can book schoolie accommodation in a variety of locations in and around Australia.

They are dedicated and know which accommodation will take schoolies, so you won't waste your time!

If you click the button to the left you will go directly to the Gold Coast accommodation pages where you can check out the options and book really easily. Be quick, as spots fill up really fast and by October they are taking bookings for the next year!

Good luck and have fun!

Schoolies at Byron Bay

Byron Bay is growing in popularity as a destination for schoolies and until 2010 there were very few places who would take schoolies.

Click on the links below for the latest information about:

Click To Book Schoolies Accommodation.


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