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Use this Guide to Accommodation on the Gold Coast to help you navigate around the accommodation options on this website.

If you are just starting out planning your holiday, or you want extra tips to help you select your accommodation, why not check out my travel planning cheat sheets. As well as the printable sheets which step you through planning your holiday and selecting your accommodation, you will also get access to additional resources.

The answers to many of your questions are here, you just have to find them!

A good place to start is to explore the Gold Coast area:

From those suburb pages you can then find information about the different types of accommodation in each area.


Looking For Gold Coast Accommodation?
I know just how frustrating it can be to get to a website to find a long list of accommodation options. Which one should I choose?

With over 600 different accommodation options, hotels, resorts, apartments, motels, bed and breakfasts and tourist parks to choose from on the Gold Coast, it can be REALLY hard.

My aim is to make it a bit easier! I have tried to think of the sorts of things I would look for and then try to help you find them.

The best way to use the accommodation guide is to have a really good look through the options. If you want an idea of which part of the Gold Coast to stay in try the suburb guides first.

There is so much information on this website and a great way to find that information is to do a search. Search boxes can be found at the top and bottom of most pages.

I also recommend my travel planning cheat sheets try them out, there's no harm and you will find them really helpful ;-)

Hope to see you on the Gold Coast sometime soon.

Quickest way to find good deals for accommodation is to use the search tool I have embedded into this website. This is best used if you know where you want to stay. If not, take a bit of time to work that out first and then use the tool.

On this page you will find links to:

Surfers Paradise Accommodation Information

There is so much Gold Coast accommodation based in Surfers Paradise that I have a rather large section dedicated to just that. The difficulty with some of the information around the internet is that Surfers Paradise is often used when actually the accommodation is not in Surfers at all.

Everything you find on my pages is exactly where I say it is! I take great care to pin point the actual buildings on the maps I have created. I will make one disclaimer and that is that the deal search engine I use, pulls information from 3rd parties, so be aware of that when searching. That is why I recommend you work out where you want to be and where you want to stay using the information I am providing.

Guide to Choosing Surfers Paradise Accommodation

Hotels in Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast Theme Park Accommodation

People assume that the theme parks are all close to Surfers Paradise. That is not true. Sea World is the closest in Main Beach, but the others are inland about 20 minutes drive from Surfers Paradise. If you want to stay close by here are some ideas and options. Whilst the theme parks are quite accessible from most Gold Coast accommodation, staying close by can also be an option.

Brisbane Airport Accommodation

I know Brisbane Airport is not in the Gold Coast, but many visitors fly in through Brisbane. Hotels near the airport are a little tricky. Until December 2009 there are no hotels right by the airport. You'll find more information about staying near Brisbane Airport here.

Accommodation Around Gold Coast

This is where you will find information about the Gold Coast accommodation in areas outside Surfers Paradise. As mentioned above, I take great care to pinpoint the exact locations of the accommodation, however, I cannot vouch for information pulled in from 3rd party websites.

Other Accommodation Options & Articles

These articles I have written are just as valid for many other parts of Queensland and Australia as well as the Gold Coast. You will find useful tips and information.


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