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Are Apartments Better Than Hotels In Gold Coast?

Are apartments better than hotels?

Surfers Paradise Accommodation Options. From 3 Star to 5 star in one block!
How can you choose between apartments and hotels? Is one better than the other? Are apartments better than hotels?

Are Gold Coast Apartments Better Than Hotels?

The simple answer is they can be, but it also depends. I believe you have to consider what you are looking for. Here are my thoughts on when apartments are better than hotels to stay in on the Gold Coast.

Apartments are a good pick because they may offer:

  • Privacy because the living space and the bedrooms are separate unlike a hotel room.
  • More space than a hotel room.
  • Flexibility for meals and eating because you can cook for yourself if you want or if you have special dietary requirements than can make eating out all the time difficult.
  • Money saving for families. You can often book apartments for families cheaper than in hotels where you might need to get two rooms or interconnecting rooms.
  • Flexibility and cheaper holiday costs because you don't have to eat every meal out.
  • Convenience of being able to throw on a load of washing in your apartment, especially useful for families with children who love the sandy beaches! Apartments often come with their own laundry facilties and iron.
  • Apartment facilities are sometimes better than hotels because you might get multiple bathrooms, multiple TVs, DVD player, music system, can borrow or hire games, DVDs, CDs, XBoxes, Playstations or Nintendo Wiis. You will need to check the details for your apartment, but if they have them, perhaps you can bring your own games and DVDs.

There can be reasons why you might pick apartments over a hotel. They include:

  • Family holidays. Apartments offer privacy, space and often more flexibility.
  • Longer stays. You get more of the creature comforts of home.
  • People with dietary considerations where making your own food is important
  • Budget holidays. Apartments can offer many ways to save money on a holiday. These money saving areas can include cheaper accommodation options, reduced eating out costs and lower laundry costs.

Hotels Better Than Apartments?

Apartments are not always a better option than hotels especially when it comes to some of the service aspects of staying in a hotel such as room service or room servicing.

Most of the larger hotels have room service as an option, and for some travellers that can be a great service. This is especially true if travelling from overseas and you are a bit jet lagged! Most apartments don't offer the option of room service and some don't even have a restaurant or coffee shop within their grounds.

The other type of servicing is the cleaning up, making of beds and changing of towels that occurs in hotels. Hotel rooms are generally serviced daily, but in an apartment you are considered much more self-contained. Daily servicing can usually be arranged but you will have to pay extra for it.

I wouldn't let this put me off choosing an apartment. I love hotels, but when travelling with my kids I love the freedom a 2 bedroom apartment affords us all. Paying to get a more frequent service rather than a weekly one makes it more like a holiday for me too!

We love the flexibility of being able to make some of our own food and eat out a some of the better restaurants and also being able to throw on a load of washing especially those sandy towels and beach clothes!

For our family holidays I often find apartments better than hotels and that is probably even more the case on the Gold Coast as there are so many options for apartment.

Where To Stay In Gold Coast

Whether you think apartments are better than hotels or hotels are better than apartments, the choices on the Gold Coast are huge! It can be a bit daunting unless you know what you really want so throughout this website there is lots of information to help you narrow down your search. You will find information for various suburbs as well as these specific guides.

Check out the Gold Coast suburb by suburb guide to help you narrow down your search for where to base your holiday. Or search using my Gold Coast Map.  You will find information  on other Gold Coast suburbs, local attractions, travel information, tips and other accommodation ideas.


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