Gold Coast Shopping

All About Gold Coast Shopping, Boutiques, Factory Outlets and Shopping Centres

This guide will show you where to shop (even when it is raining), where to find supermarkets, markets, boutiques and more.

I have to admit that I am NOT a shopper!  But it is inevitable, even when you are on holiday.

I have tried to cover both the everyday shopping needs and shopping for real shoppers!

One of the many faces of Gold Coast Shopping
Factory Outlets at
Central Park Plaza

Everyday shopping covers shops like supermarkets and department stores, whilst the real shopping gives you the places to go for outlet shopping, boutique and brand name shopping and then there are the markets.

Although I am not a shopper, I have plenty of friends who are!  They are guiding me as I write!

The Gold Coast boasts some pretty impressive shopping centres and the older ones are being updated to keep up.

General Shopping Centres

I have created a list of shopping centres with some general information and you can find by name or by suburb and also by map.  This should make it easier to find something close to where you are staying.

Gold Coast Shopping Centres

Outlet Shopping

Outlet shopping is for the bargain hunters and the rest of us who want to shop smart!  

If you don't like shopping with us riff raff, check out the boutique and brand shopping!

I even have a special offer at the biggest outlet shopping centre on the Gold Coast, Harbourtown to save you even more money.

Or you can go on an organised shopping tour that will get you to some really well kept Gold Coast secret shopping locations!

Why not be my guest and enjoy even bigger savings! And if you just want to cut to the chase I have even put together a map of the discount shopping locations!

Gold Coast Outlet Shopping


Markets come in all sizes and shapes on the Gold Coast, so this is a quick rundown of what there is, when they are open, where they are and what they are good for.

Gold Coast Markets

Boutiques and Brand Name Shopping

Looking for a Louis?  Want to know where Charlie Brown is? This is the spot to find out! Boutiques are generally not found in the main shopping centres, so you need to know where to go.

Gold Coast Boutique and Brand Name Shopping

Where To Shop When It Is Raining?

On the Gold Coast it does occassionally rain, and I have to admit when it does, it really does!

Shopping is an option on rainy days, but you have to know where to go as not all shopping centres are actually indoors!

Find out more about the best shopping on wet days.

Gold Coast Rainy Day Shopping Guide


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