Surfers Paradise Apartments Guide

Surfers Paradise Apartments Are A Popular Accommodation Choice.

Surfers Paradise Accommodation Options. From 3 Star to 5 star in one block!
Surfers Paradise accommodation varies
3 star motel to luxurious Chevron Renaissance.

Surfers Paradise Apartments

Holiday apartments are a popular choice for Surfers Paradise accommodation, mainly because there are so many of them!

There are a few differences between apartment and hotel accommodation which I explore in Are Apartments Better Than Hotels?

Worth a read if you haven't yet decided what type of accommodation will best suit you.

There are almost too many options for holiday apartments in Surfers Paradise! Don't despair - that's one of the main motivations for this website! 

I have tried to lay out these pages to help you work out where to stay. Simple things like:

I try my best to ensure that my information about Surfers Paradise apartments is accurate by doing my own research, but things do change!  Let me know if you find anything and I will check it and fix up!

I won't apologise for the fact that I list so many apartments. I have kept it to the ones I consdier to be the better apartments in each category. Personally, I would stay in any one of the 4 star or above properties.

That is not to say that there are not good 3½ star ones but I find that there is much more variation in the quality at these levels. For me 4 star and above are safer bet. You will have to decide for yourself.

Look around this site in detail, there is lots of information and if you drill down you will get specific information on the accommodation and be able to compare great deals.  

The information is not exhaustive and there are other Surfers Paradise apartments. This is only a guide.

Tips for Selecting Holiday Accommodation

I found that when I was planning a Gold Coast holiday I was overwhelmed by the choices. Even when you have narrowed down your choice to the suburb there is still quite a bit to choose! Surfers Paradise has the most accommodation choices.

No need to be overwhelmed, a bit of planning and thought may help save you time by narrowing down your search. Check out my guide to selecting holiday accommodation which gives you some ideas about things to consider to help narrow down your search.

I also blow the lid on some common assumptions that with a bit more research can make a big difference to your comfort in your chosen accommodation.

Not Sure You Want To Stay In Surfers Paradise?

The Gold Coast offers so much, it is a bit daunting unless you know what you really want.

Check out the Gold Coast suburb by suburb guide to help you narrow down your search for where to base your holiday. Or search using my Gold Coast Map.  You will find information  on other Gold Coast suburbs, local attractions, travel information, tips and other accommodation ideas.


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