Surfers Paradise Apartment Map

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Map Key
Pins are colour coded for star rating as follows:

Yellow Pin for 5 star apartments 5 Star Apartments
Purple Pin for 4½ star apartments 4½ Star Apartments
Blue Pin for 4 star apartments 4 Star Apartments
Red Pin for 3½ star apartments 3½ Star Apartments
Green Pin for 3 star apartments 3 Star Apartments

This Surfers Paradise apartment map shows a selection of popular holiday apartments within Surfers Paradise.

The pins represent the different apartment buildings, if you switch over to the satellite view you can zoom in and see the actual building.

I have been very careful to place the pins on the buildings for that exact reason.

Feel free to explore the map using the Navigation Buttons.

Click on the pins for more information and from there you can click to get more detailed information about each apartment.

Tips for navigating map
Tips For Selecting Gold Coast Accommodation

View Surfers Paradise Apartments in a larger map

Tips for Navigating Surfers Paradise Apartment Map

On the map you can use the PLUS (+) key to Zoom In for more detail, or the MINUS (-) key to Zoom Out for a bigger picture of the region in relation to the rest of Gold Coast area.

You can move around using the arrow keys.

Satellite View
If you try the Satellite key, you will see actual aerial satellite photos of the region. These can be overlaid with the major roads by using the Hybrid key.

Both of these are great options, but remember some of the satellite photos may be out of date so some of the land that looks empty or being built upon may already contain a new building! As they say always amazing, every changing Gold Coast!

Refresh to Start Again!
If you get totally confused just refresh the page and you will come back to square one!

Tips for Selecting Holiday Accommodation

I found that when I was planning a Gold Coast holiday I was overwhelmed by the choices. Even when you have narrowed down your choice to the suburb there is still quite a bit to choose! Surfers Paradise has the most accommodation choices.

No need to be overwhelmed, a bit of planning and thought may help save you time by narrowing down your search. Check out my guide to selecting holiday accommodation which gives you some ideas about things to consider to help narrow down your search.

I also blow the lid on some common assumptions that with a bit more research can make a big difference to your comfort in your chosen accommodation.

Not Sure You Want To Stay In Surfers Paradise?

The Gold Coast offers so much, it is a bit daunting unless you know what you really want.

Check out the Gold Coast suburb by suburb guide to help you narrow down your search for where to base your holiday. Or search using my Gold Coast Map.  You will find information  on other Gold Coast suburbs, local attractions, travel information, tips and other accommodation ideas.


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