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Accomodation Options for Gold Coast 600

Accommodation Selection

When selecting accommodation for this event there is only limited amount of track side accommodation since they shortened the track. However, you can stay within walking distance in either Main Beach or Surfers Paradise and the G:Link tram makes it much easier to get to the precinct from accommodation on or near the Gold Coast Highway.

It's also important to have the dates for the event so you can plan your stay. Below you will find the current dates for the next Gold Coast 600.

The track is now much shorter than it used to be in Gold Coast Indy days and does not extend as far into Surfers Paradise. With the smaller track the whole race precinct is considerably reduced and many of the hotels and apartments that were once within the track are now outside it.

There are still many easy options for staying in Surfers Paradise, unfortunately, there are less options for being able to see the track from accommodation.

The entertainment precinct is at Broadlands Entertainment Precinct, which is opposite Australia Fair Shopping Centre in Southport just to the north of the race track precinct. This could be walked to from some accommodation in Main Beach or you can now use the G:Link tram to get there.

Gold Coast has both hotels and apartment accommodation ranging from backpackers and 3 star through to 6 star at Palazzo Versace. Apartments are a popular choice for groups, families and those staying for longer periods.

One thing is for sure - get in quick, because accommodation gets booked out and you wouldn't want to miss out.

The advantage of staying in the track precinct is you are right there where the race action is 24/7.

Obviously, this accommodation is at a premium and anyone staying within the race precinct will need a Gold Coast 600 ticket.

As well as the usual pool of holiday accommodation in the area, some owners opt to leave town for the week and rent out their apartments.

To track these down you will need to do lots of leg work to ring around the various building managers. In reality, the good ones are usually long gone!

For most people the best options are to stick with the regular holiday accommodation options which you will find on the map below.

Or you can check out some options for accommodation at Gold Coast 600 in Surfers Paradise in and around the track precinct which I've listed below the map.

Check out the GC600 options...

Get in Early with Accommodation Options Near The Track for 2019.

Gold Coast 600 Accommodation Map

Please note I tried to make this map as accurate as I can, however there may be changes or updates that I have not included. This track is quite a bit shorter than the old Gold Coast Indy race track and so some of the accommodation that used to be inside the track or trackside is now not in or on the track.

Broadwater Entertainment Precinct is where the event entertainment is held.

Gold Coast 600 Accommodation Map Legend

Icon Description
Gold Coast 600 Race Track Circuit. Gold Coast 600 Race Track Circuit
Gold Coast 600 Race Track Entry Gate. GC 600 Race Track Entry Gate
Gold Coast 600 Race Track Ticket Booth. Ticket Booth
Gold Coast 600 Race Track - Motor Vehicle Access Gate. Motor Vehicle Access Gate - no general entry
Gold Coast 600 Entertainment Precinct at Southport. GC 600 Entertainment Precinct at Southport
Gold Coast 600 Entertainment for Friday and Saturday Nights. GC 600 Entertainment for Friday & Saturday Nights
Gold Coast 600 Accommodation - Hotels. Hotel Accommodation
Gold Coast 600 Accommodation - 5 Star Apartments. 5 Star Apartments
Gold Coast 600 Accommodation - 4½ Star Apartments. 4½ Star Apartments
Gold Coast 600 Accommodation - 4 Star Apartments. 4 Star Apartments
Gold Coast 600 Accommodation - 3½ Star Apartments. 3½ Star Apartments
Gold Coast 600 Accommodation - 3 Star Apartments. 3 Star Apartments

Options for accommodation at Gold Coast 600 in Surfers Paradise in and around the track precinct include:

Check out the GC600 options...

Get in Early with Accommodation Options for 2019.

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