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More Tangalooma Photos From Day Trip


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Tangalooma Ferry trip from Brisbane, you can see the channel markers as we head out to Moreton Bay.
Tangalooma Ferry - channel markers
heading out into Moreton Bay on our way
to Moreton Island and Tangalooma.

One August Winter's day my sister and I did a Tangalooma day trip from the Gold Coast.

We had the most amazing weather and experience that day.

It is quite popular to do one day tours to Tangalooma from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, as well as stay over on Moreton Island at Tangalooma Island Resort.

If you are considering adding a trip to this amazing place, I recommend that you plan your itinerary around the trip. A day trip will be a full on day, leaving your hotel around 7.30am and returning to Gold Coast anywhere from 6.30pm to 10pm depending on whether you stay for the Dolphin Feeding.

Anyway, back to the photos! Here are some more of my pictures of Tangalooma.

Photos of Tangalooma

Tangalooma Ferry On the Beach
Tangalooma Ferry on the beach.
The sand is just amazing and so clean.
Tangalooma apartments are right on the beachfront next to the ferry jetty.
Tangalooma apartments are right on the beach next to the ferry jetty. You can see the building works going on in this August 2007 Photo.

Tangalooma Island Ferry on the sand.
One of the smaller Tangalooma Island Ferry
boats on the beach at Tangalooma.
The blue waters of Tangalooma!
It's hard to capture the real blue of
Tangalooma and the water in Moreton Bay.


Tangalooma Villas are right on the beach front with an awesome view across Moreton Bay

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Dolphins in the water at Tangalooma. We saw these on the Eco Cruise.
Dolphins in the water at Tangalooma. We saw these from the boat on the Eco Cruise.


Tangalooma Resort beach
Tangalooma Resort beach in front of the main resort buildings. The walkway goes towards Tangalooma Villas.
Beachfront at Tangalooma from the boat jetty.
The Tangalooma beachfront as seen from the boat jetty. In the distance you can see the Tangalooma Wrecks and the sand tobogganning area on the hillside.

It's quite expensive to go to Tangalooma, whether you stay at the resort or take a day trip from your Gold Coast hotel. It is one of those truly amazing experiences that is fairly unique and one I highly recommend.

I am not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination! However, I hope you enjoyed these extra photos of Tangalooma.

Don't forget to add Tangalooma to your itinerary either for a day trip or stay over at Tangalooma.


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