Are there Still Schoolies in Gold Coast in December

by Janet

Are there Still Schoolies in Gold Coast in December?

Is it still busy at the start of December with schoolies?

Officially, Queensland schoolies week is generally around the last week of November. However, schoolies from other parts of Australia descend upon Gold Coast in the two weeks after this.

The main difference is that the Queensland schoolies are usually a year younger than their interstate counterparts and cannot legally drink. Therefore there are special alcohol free events put on during the official schoolies week.

The other schoolies who come after the official week are able, in general, to go to the nightclubs, bars and hotspots and there is no formal program or events for them.

So, yes there will be schoolies, but not the ones that tend to get all the media attention. It is probably not really much worse than a busy time in Surfers Paradise. And they tend to keep themselves in that area.

You can check out the dates and my answer to similar question here: When is schoolies week in Gold Coast?

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