August Climate in Gold Coast

by Alan

What climate can we expect in August in Gold Coast?

We have holidayed on the Gold Coast from New Zealand about 14-15 times, but never in August.

What do we expect weather and temperature to be like later in the month of August?


Obviously you LOVE the Gold Coast, just like I do with all those visits.

Unfortunately, the weather is so unpredictable, so I can only direct you to the general averages and information about the weather in August on the Gold Coast and my general Gold Coast weather averages by month information.

The temperatures depend a bit on the rain, wind and of course where you are in the Gold Coast. Near the ocean and lower down is often warmer, and if there is a southerly blowing then being in a sheltered spot like Rainbow Beach at Coolangatta can make a huge difference.

Usually, you are looking at temperatures between about 10°C to low 20°s - and since you are looking at being here towards the end of the month that could be moving up a little higher. It can be windy in August and usually there isn't too much rain, but to give an example there was a huge downpore just last week in the Gold Coast, but a day or so later the temperatures were in the mid 20°Cs.

I am sorry to be vague, I just find it really hard to say what the weather will be like these days as it is so much more unpredictable. I hope these rough guidelines have given you some idea - I think you are likely to find it warmer than NZ!

Please let me know if you have any more specific questions and have a great August trip to the Gold Coast!

Let me know how you go and maybe you might like to share some of your Gold Coast holiday experiences with us all.

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