Australian Weather In November

Australian weather in November?

What has the weather been like at the Gold Coast in November in the past?

November is a late spring month in the Gold Coast and Australia, since our seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere.

The temperatures are rising and so is the humidity, we also sometimes get early season storms. During the day the clouds can build up and the humidity rises and then late in the afternoon or early evening there can be a storm with thunder, lightening and heavy rainfalls.

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About Australian Weather in November

Australia is a huge country and the weather across the country is very different.

Australia is a southern hemisphere country, so the seasons are opposite to northern hemisphere.
This often catches our overseas visitors off guard.

As well as considering the actual weather at the time you are planning to visit it is worthwhile considering what sort of weather you will be coming from. I find visitors forget that it take a while for our bodies to acclimatise to the different temperatures and humidities and where they are visiting from plays a part.

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