Bunyip Bike Tours Review

by Victoria

I did a fantastic bike ride tour on the weekend, I can't believe it's not listed on your site!

It was with Bunyip Bike Tours - we started at Macintosh Island, rode along the beachfront, up to the SPIT where we had morning tea and took some insanely funny photos of each other.

Then in a park nearby I threw a boomerang for the very first time! It was awesome and all part of the tour. Cost $49.

I hadn't ridden a bike in about 20 years but it was, well, just like riding a bike I guess lol!

I believe they also do one up to Tamborine Mountain where you go to a winery, the glow worms and see some waterfalls (I'm doing that one next time) and others.

Tour No Longer In Operation

Please note, this tour is no longer available on the Gold Coast.

Thank you so much for this great review Victoria. Not only am I aware of these tours, but they are in fact listed on the tour desk on this website...

Bunyip Bike Tours - No Longer In Operation.

Your review has me itching to have a go on these tours. When I get a chance I'll post some photos to prove I can still ride a bike! And I haven't thrown a boomerang since I was about 8 years old when my parents brought one back from their trip to Australia (I was brought up in the UK)!

Anyone else been on one of these Bunyip Bike Tours? If you have why not leave a comment below so we can see what some of the other options are like. I wonder if you need to be a bit fitter for the Tamborine Mountain ones? The Spit is nice and flat and more my style right now.

There are three tours and all offer pick ups from your Gold Coast accommodation and bike to ride:

  • Beach Safari which is the one Victoria described above.

  • Wine, Worms & Waterfalls - which is at Tamborine. You don't ride up the mountain, thank goodness! This a morning tour from approximately 7am to 12 noon. There is an option for you to bring your own bike on this tour.

  • Wild Kangaroo Experience - which is a ride to a Gold Coast wetlands area either morning or afternoon approximately 3 hour trip.

More information and bookings for Bunyip Bike Tours.

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