Can I Go To The Beach on Gold Coast in August?

by Claudia Calvet
(Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil)

How cold is it in the Gold Coast in August?

Is it possible to go to the beach in August in Gold Coast? I know it`s winter...

Does it rain there at that time?

I will be in Australia in August, I heard that Gold Coast is a very beautiful place, but I am afraid of the cold!

Winter in the Gold Coast is cooler than other times, particularly in the evenings, on cloudy days and when the wind is blowing especially from the colder south.

Do not despair, there can be some amazing days in August in the Gold Coast. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee the weather, but usually it is not very rainy at all.

We often go to the beach all the way through the winter. The sea temperature is cooler than I like - it may be down at around 19°C (66°F) but it also depends what you are used to. There are plenty of people who go for a swim or surf and certainly lots on the beaches too.

During the day if it is a sunny day, the temperatures will get to low 20°s Celsius or centigrade (70°s Fahrenheit), however when the sun goes down it does get cooler. It is best to go in the morning or around midday as that is when it is likely to be warmest.

Hope that helps, and fingers crossed you get good weather for your trip.

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