Casa Mexicana Labrador Great Mexican in Gold Coast

by Paul
(Labrador Gold Coast)

Casa Mexicana Review Saturday 6 August 2011 by Paul of Labrador

Okay so I don’t wear a cravat, have a bald head, or wear and apron, but inside us all lurks a food critic don’t you think?

Our little local restaurant closed early this year. Little India was a favourite for the whole family and we were sad to see it go. The months ticked over, the doors still closed, and then suddenly Casa Mexicana pops up!

Now I like Mexican and was looking forward to trying this one. Mexican cuisine done well can be such a good experience, but done poorly like many Mexican restaurants in Australia, can leave nothing but disappointment.

The decor has been revamped and gives that lovely feel of a little Mexican Cantina. Warm and inviting you are greeted by a lovely smile from the front of house staff (we don’t actually know her name yet). Unlike myself my Wife and Mother in law are less familiar with Mexican cuisine. However a quick walk through the menu soon found something for them both. They are not big fans of super hot and spicy food.

We started with the Nachos to share and they were great, very crisp tortilla chips with super fresh guacamole and lovely salsa and sour cream. The portion was a nice size for the three of us to share.

For main, we all ordered the Quesadilla, the girls choosing the chilli con carne and the chicken for myself. I like mine a little spicy so opted for some jalapeños inside the tortilla. The meal sizes were generous without being oversized, and what I would call sensible. For children there is a choice between a 10 inch and 6 inch tortilla (yes even Mexico is imperial).

Mexican food can be quite filling and this was plenty for us. The flavours were fantastic and very fresh. The ratio of each ingredient is well judged by the chef. The rice and frijoles’ were amazing, beautifully flavoured and just the right amount of each. The thing that shone through for me was the lightness and crispness of the flour tortilla. I have not tasted better. Just like something Grandma Juanita would hand roll with the end of a broom handle – lots of love in that.

I know I have used the word “Fresh” several times in this review, but that’s the key. That’s what makes Casa Mexicana the real deal. The Chef and his brother started the same style of restaurant in Melbourne. Both had experiences in a chain restaurant and decided that was not how to deliver good Mexican food. You won’t find refried beans out of a can in this place. The frijoles’ are cooked down and soaked just like they do back in Mexico, slowly with time, effort and passion, and it shows, they are as smooth as silk. The chefs mantra is healthy food for all, and he means what he says and does not try to pad the meal out with beans and cheese like some chain restaurants do.

The heat applied to the spices in the dishes are mild, making it ideal for families with children. The food can be spiced up for dear old dad and he can extinguish it with a Dos equis or your favourite beer here.

The ambience and staff are warm and friendly. These guys are the new kids on the block and are setting a new standard for small casual dining on the Gold Coast. I recommend you try it, even if you don’t think you like Mexican food, your ideas will defiantly change.

Casa Mexicana is BYO but is also waiting on a License to serve liquor

3 Sombreros ! - la comida es fantástica mis amigos


Annie's Comments
Paul and his wife run a local Gold Coast curtains and blinds business. They both have very discerning taste when it comes to their food so I am REALLY looking forward to checking out this new Mexican Restaurant in Gold Coast. Thanks Paul for taking the time to write this review.

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Jan 13, 2013
by: Baber Family (NSW)

January 2012. On our way home to Sydney, having just spent 2 weeks camping on Frazer Island and a very hot day at Dreamworld, our family of 14(6 Adults/8 kids) went in search of dinner. We found Casa Mexicana in the street behind our appartment & what a find it was. We arrived on a friday night with no reservation (unheard of in Sydney!!) & were so warmly welcomed. Tables rearranged to accomodate all of us, FANTASTIC service, friendly staff & owners & EXCELLENT FOOD!!! We haven't had such great mexican in a long time, topped off by many jugs of great sangria!! The menu catered well for us all, even fussy kids,& the food was so fresh & so good. Just as we were contemplating dessert, the owners/chef arrived with 2 complimentary desserts for each table & a small gift for each of the kids. WHAT A GREAT RESTAURANT!!! Highly recommend this place & will definitly return when next on the Gold Coast.Everyone, please support this great little restaurant. You'll love it too. There is only one thing we would ask- WILL YOU PLEASE COME TO SYDNEY???

Jan 24, 2012
great food
by: Anonymous

Really good simple Mexican food is hard to find but casa mexicana do it well. The menu is not overly adventurous and it is more tex mex than authentic mexican (fajitas are not a mexican invention, but come from the states) , however what they do they do really well and it is fresh. The portions sizes are good , not too large and so it offers really good value for money. It was a pleasure to eat Mexican there and when I am next in the gold coast I would go back.
They really need to get themselves on urban spoon though to get there name out there as it was quite quiet when we were there and they deserve more people to go!

Jan 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

Enjoyed dinner there & the service was reasonably good. But my goodness, they HAVE to get up to date & have proper wine glasses.
I know it's a BYO, but the tiny K Mart quality wine glasses are embarrassing - they look more like "port glasses."
If the owners want to attract a wide demographic, they need to upgrade the quality of their wine glasses & install an ice making machine - as our ice bucket was filled with water & two ice cubes.
Not much to ask I reckon.
Just a pity that they get just about everything else right (ie: ambience, food, service), but let themselves down on these couple of important things.

Jan 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

We got a takeaway chicken burrito from Casa Mexicana tonight. It was lovely and really satisfying, the only thing I would point out is that it came with no sour cream? I realise on a takeaway this may 'melt' on it's way home, but surely a small pottle to take with you would suffice? Was a bit disappointed when we opened it up, but the flavors of the burrito more than made up with it. We did get medium spicy which really only just passed as mild.... otherwise, yum.

Sep 17, 2011
great review, spot on!
by: kris

Went for dinner last night based on this review, and our experience was just as good - love the FRESH ingredients, beautiful flavours, great service and friendly staff. Flautas are my new favourite food - they are wheat tortillas i think, but they are filled, rolled and fried, and the texture is to die for, not hard and crunchy like taquitos or tacos, but lighter and crisper. We had beef ones for entree and apple ones for dessert! Thanks for sharing your dining experience, I might never have found this place otherwise :)

Sep 02, 2011
best mexican in south east queensland
by: Anonymous

Well i have to agree with Paul... just had the nachos, my mother had the fajitas and my step dad had the quesdillas... Fresh is definitely the word for it... Beautiful food, wonderful friendly service, and well food that leaves you feeling like you have had christmas day all over again... 4 sombrero's from us!... best mexican food in south east qld for sure!

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