Cost of Food For Australia Trip

by Abitha

Cost of Food For Australia Trip

Are food items costly compared to India? I am an Indian planning my trip to Australia and I would like to have an idea of the cost of eating out and food prices in general.

Great question and of course really important when planning your trip to have an idea of the food costs. It might be a bit difficult for me to give you a good idea of the cost of food in comparison to India because I have no idea:
  • what type of food you would want to compare

  • where in Australia you plan to visit (because the prices of food does change a bit from place to place)

  • when you visit because fresh food prices fluctuate depending upon the time of year and availability,

  • the changing currency exchange rate between Australia AUD and the country you are from
If you plan to buy food and cook yourself, here are links to some of our main supermarket chains. There you can find the approximate costs for foods you want to use to give you an idea.
  • Coles - many locations around Australia

  • Woolworths - many locations around Australia

  • Aldi - a discount chain that does not have as many stores

  • Spar, IGA and Foodworks are independent supermarkets and depending upon location can have either higher or lower prices than the other supermarkets listed above
In Australia there is also plenty of opportunity to purchase food at specialised shops such as butchers, bakeries, fruit and vegetable shops and delicatessens as well as markets.

In terms of eating out, you can find many different types of food ranging from fairly inexpensive to very expensive. If you were budgeting for your Australian Trip for eating out I would probably suggest an absolute minimum as shown below in the first figure and a guide as to the range in the other figures shown below.
  • Breakfast $5 AUD per person for breakfast in a cafe or fast food outlet or bakery and anything up to $25 AUD for a full buffet breakfast in a hotel or in a nice cafe or restaurant.

  • Lunch $7 AUD per person for lunch in a sandwich bar, pub lunch, fast food outlet or cafe and up to $35 AUD and beyond in a good restaurant, bistro, hotel or cafe

  • Dinner $10 AUD for dinner in a cafe, pub or bar dinner or fast food outlet and up to $40 AUD and above in a restaurant, hotel, buffett, bistro or upmarket cafe.
Note: All these prices are NOT including drinks and are a rough guide only.

To give you an idea about drinks a 600ml bottle of water cost anywhere from $1 AUD to $3.50 AUD, hot drinks cost between $2 AUD and $6 AUD or more depending upon where you go and what you have. We find it is the drinks that often cause the food bill to soar!

Most restaurants and cafes have tap water available to drink for free if you are eating there, which can be great and of course our tap water is pretty good!

I am not sure what more to add without having a better idea of what you are really interested in, I hope that was useful, let me know if you have any other questions by leaving a comment below.

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