Do We Need Air Conditioner in Apartment in August

by Bryant
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Do We Need Air Conditioner in Apartment in August
I plan to stay in Gold Coast in Surfers Paradise area for 2 nights in mid August.

Should I be looking for an apartment with air-conditioner?

During August, which is the last official month of our winter on the Gold Coast, it is not likely you will need an air-conditioner to keep you cool.

However, you may find it useful if there is a reverse cycle air-conditioner which can warm up the apartment for you.

Depending where your apartment is, and how high it is in a building and what is around you, you may need warmth rather than cooling from an air-con!

I personally wouldn't say it is a necessity at this time of the year for cooling, but as I mention, you might want one for heating if it can do both.

I hope that helps and sorry for the delay in getting back to you, I had a little trouble with my software and lost your email for a while.

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