Do You Have To Pay For Children Under 4 Years at Theme Parks

by Wendy
(Gold Caost)

I wish to purchase passes for theme parks, is there a charge for children under 4 years old?

The standard age for children at all Gold Coast theme parks is 3 years to 13 years inclusive. Therefore children under 3 years (0 to 2 years) enter for free.

The standard age for entry to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is 4 years to 14 years.

So, for the main Gold Coast theme parks, that means that children under 3 are free.

If you buy passes and your child turns 3 and you take it to one of the theme parks, you will be required to buy a pass or ticket for them once they turn 3 years of age.

Theme parks are now often checking ages of the "under" 3s, so you may be required to provide proof of age if you take a child who is 2 years old, but not yet 3.

Also note that over 13 years you will need to buy an adult ticket or pass.

For some of the passes there is no difference in prices between adults and children, but for others there is.

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