Does It Rain Every Day Late December To January in Gold Coast

by John J

Does it rain every day late December to January in Gold Coast?

We plan to stay from Christmas eve (24 December) to mid January and want to know if we can expect rain every day?

You know, I would have said a fairly emphatic NO, however, we are experiencing very unusual weather patterns at the moment (September/October 2010).

Usually, you can expect there to be some rain at that time of the year in the Gold Coast. Mostly the rain is in the form of late afternoon storms, and in my opinion doesn't have too much impact on getting out and about, except during the actual storm.

I cannot guarantee that the weather will be free from rain, a little or a lot! It is a time of year when we do expect rain, and generally the humidity is high. What has been unusual in recent weeks in south east Queensland as a whole has been a string of days with constant rain, I don't know if that pattern will be continuing through until December/January.

You can find more general information about Gold Coast weather patterns here and information about December on the Gold Coast or January.

I am sorry I cannot be more specific. If I have missed the point of your question, please comment below and I will try to answer you more precisely.


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