Gold Coast Nightlife in November

by Jerry M

Nightlife in Gold Coast in November

When tasked with trying to figure out where to go for our vacation, all of our navy buddies mentioned Australia. We finally kinda narrowed it down to Gold Coast.

This will be our two week break from a deployment in Afghanistan.

Will there still be a bustling night life, being that we'll be there at the beginning of November and leaving before schoolies week?

The 4 of us (in our mid 20's) plan on staying in Surfers Paradise in apartments.

Any extra info would be great, I love your website it offers a lot of good information. Thanks!

Firstly, there is always nightlife on the Gold Coast from what I hear. I will admit it is not my specialty any more, as I am no longer in my 20's ;-)

When schoolies is on, they try to keep the schoolies separate with their own entertainment, so it is a good thing that you are not planning on being in Surfers Paradise at that time.

There are a bunch of bars and nightclubs in Surfers Paradise around Orchid Avenue and Cavill Mall area. Where you are staying is VERY close to these areas so you can walk to them and stumble home! And you are perfectly positioned to roll onto the Surfers Paradise beach during the day. Good choice.

You might enjoy Jupiters Casino which is in Broadbeach, you can catch a cab there - less than 10 minutes from Surfers Paradise. Entertainment, casino, bars and restaurants.

During the day you can enjoy the theme parks if you feel up to it, challenge your mates to do all the extreme thrill rides! And I just remembered in Surfers Paradise there is the Vomatron which is always good during the day or in the evening - probably don't need to say much more!

Sorry I'm not much help on the nightlife scene in the Gold Coast but those are a few things that I think will point you in the right direction. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Have a fantastic time in November, the weather should be warm to hot and humid which will be quite a change from where you are coming from no doubt.


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