Gold Coast Theme Park Passes For QLD Resident

by Janice

Gold Coast Theme Park Passes For QLD Resident

We are visiting the Gold Coast in January and meeting up with the family. My son lives in Queensland (QLD), is there a cheaper price for his theme park tickets. We are all adults and one 2 year old.

There used to regularly be deals for locals and residents, however in recent years the theme parks have streamlined their ticketing and mostly the deals are available for locals or visitors.

However, from time to time there are special Locals Only deals.  If they are available, you will find details on the main Theme Park Passes Page. The deals for locals will also highlight any requirements - such as residential postcodes covered, which you will need to be able to verify when the vouchers are redeemed at the theme parks on their first use.

If you are going to be going to any of the theme parks more than once over an extended period, then the passes and deals are fantastic value just the way they are.

Check the Theme Park Passes Page for latest deals and information on the options available.

Below is some old information about the types of deals they used to have...

Sometimes deals for locals are just on sale for certain periods.

For example, the VIP Pass special for Qld residents was only available for a short time, and then was not available for purchase.

Some of the locals deals are limited to certain postcodes in Queensland and northern NSW. It is important to check the terms and conditions. They request id or proof to verify residence.

If you are interested in DreamWorld and Whitewater World passes, their Annual World Passes are only available to Australian and NZ residents.

Your son will have to be able to prove his place of residence for the Season Pass Agreement Form amd he will have to show photo id, and proof of residential address on the first visit.

I hope that helps. Please leave a comment below if you have any other questions.

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PS:: Don't forget you can check out all the latest visitors deals for Gold Coast theme parks.

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