Honeymooning in 1770

by Devon
(California, USA)

Honeymooning in 1770

I have been offered by a friend to stay in her family's rental in 1770 for my honeymoon which is very exiting and generous of them.

I live in California and have never been to Australia.

I am getting married in August next year and know that August is winter in Australia. I am concerned that the weather will be too cold or that I will not be able to enjoy beach activities due to the weather.

What is your opinion?

Firstly, congratulations and what a lovely wedding present!

The Town of 1770 (also known as Seventeen Seventy if you are searching for information for it) is twinned with Agnes Waters and it almost halfway between the Queensland towns of Gladstone and Bundaberg on the coast.

When you are looking for weather information about 1770 you may find it useful to look at the wider area information that is classified in Australia as part of the Wide Bay Burnett Region which stretches from Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast in the South up to Gladstone in the North. 1770 is closer to Gladstone.

Weather is of course unpredictable, but I had a look at the weather stats for 1770 and it looks pretty good to me!

The basic weather statistics for the area show that the historical long term averages show a low or minimum temperature for August as 14.4°C (about 58°F) and the average daytime high or maximum temperature is 22°C (about 72°F). They do expect rain this month, but on average about 50mm (just under 2 inches) for the month and about 5 rainy days.

After some searching I found that the wind is mostly from the east during August and on average about 9knots (I am not sure what to convert that to to help you understand it!). Relative to the rest of the year that is quite low.

I tried to find out the sea temperature but I couldn't, 1770 is further north than Gold Coast by quite a way, so the water should be warmer and stay warmer! In August on the Gold Coast the water temperature is 19C (about 66F) so I would expect it to be at least that if not slightly warmer.

1770 also has the advantage over it's twin town Agnes Waters, from a weather point of view at this time of the year. I say this because it is on the inside of the peninsular and faces west. Therefore it should have some shelter from the easterly winds. The water in the estuary may also be warmer than the overall sea temperature. I cannot verify that, but looking at the maps and knowing how this generally works, I think this is what you will find.

The other advantage of this location is that you have the option to find different beaches with different orientations because of this geography.

I have never been, but co-incidentally I was researching just last week for our own Christmas and New Years break! I got really excited when I checked out all the things you can do! These activities are year round. It is one of the most southerly entry points to the Great Barrier Reef, with Lady Musgrave Island being a popular excursion. Diving, snorkelling and much more to do.

It is also one of the rare places on the east coast of Australia where you can watch the sun set over the water!

So, from my perspective, I would not be worried about honeymooning in 1770 in August because of the weather. I forgot to mention it is NOT cyclone season, so you don't need to worry about that either!

The only other thing you should consider is your acclimatisation to the weather when you do arrive, since you are coming from California in Summer! Relative to the temperature you are leaving, it may appear cool. But.... the weather looks pretty awesome for "winter" to me!

We have holidayed further north in winter, gone to the Barrier Reef on trips, swum in the water and even my littlest daughter who does not have an ounce of fat on her loves it! Normally she has blue lips within 5 minutes of hitting the water!

I hope that answers your question, if you have any more please leave a comment and I will try to answer.

Please let us know what you thought - I have put 1770 high on my list of places to visit very soon, as I have heard so much about it.

Sources of weather information: weatherzone.com, windfinder.com

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Jan 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

We stayed in 1770 for 3 nights at the end of our driving honeymoon on the way back from the Whitsundays. It is an awesome place!! Perfect for rest and relaxtion. We stayed at the beach shacks and will be very sad to see them developed into multi unit housing. Just love 1770!!

Oct 29, 2010
Whales Off The Coast At 1770 in August
by: Annie

I cannot believe I forgot to mention... The Whales! In August there will be whales to watch too! That is a totally not to miss opportunity. I don't know if they come in the bay, but I bet they do! Yet another reason I think you will love this location for your honeymoon!


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