Is there an event at Broadwater Parklands on Australia day and what time

by Mary Arceo

Is there an event at Broadwater Parklands on Australia day and what time?

If the Evandale Australia Day event is cancelled how about the broadwater parkland? Is there a family event going on?

Where are the places or parks you can celebrate Australia Day January 26?

Update Information

This question was asked during a very wet late January a few years ago.

The most important thing to note, is that even big events can from time to time be cancelled at the last minute due to extreme weather conditions.

If you have any questions about events, it is always best to check directly with the event organisers - on their websites or facebook pages.

Whilst I try to update when major events occur, I am not always able to keep up to date with the day to day operations.

Read on for the original answer to this question about events on Australia Day.


Mary good question!

I think this weather has taken everyone by surprise and there are many cancellations. I guess traditionally at this time of the year, you would expect to be outside and enjoying the warm summer weather and so there don't appear to be many back ups for indoors celebrations.

I just checked the Gold Coast Parks website as they usually organise the events in the parks around the Gold Coast and they have said that all the events for Gold Coast parks have been cancelled. You can check that out here.

On that website it says that the Broadwater Parklands Australia Day concert has been cancelled and it looks that pretty much all of the outdoor activities will not be going ahead.

It comes down to safety, they have to build stages and other areas today and the workmen cannot work in current conditions, and we don't know if it will get worse.

I think the forecast is for a little easing tomorrow, but everywhere will be waterlogged for a while even when the rain stops.

I was just updating the Australia Day page when your question came in. It's also hard because some businesses are having to close due to localised flooding and conditions, so even some of the indoor suggestions may or may not be available tomorrow.

If you plan to do anything I would phone ahead to check that they are open. And when driving around the coast take care on the roads, it looks really bad in places.

Maybe activities at home might be the way to go! Fancy some flag making and creative cooking? I added some links on the Australia Day page, let me know if you have any other ideas...

Sorry I am not the bearer of good news. Hope that was helpful, please leave any further questions or comments below. If you found this helpful, you can Like it, Tweet it and share on Facebook ;-) Thanks for spreading the word...


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