National VIP Passes for Gold Coast Theme Parks

by Joy Morris
(New Zealand)

National VIP Passes for Gold Coast Theme Parks

I was wanting to know if I was able to buy adult National VIP passes for Gold Coast theme parks.

We are coming to Australia in September and these tickets would really come in handy!

We live in New Zealand and if so how do we get these tickets.

Thanks very much

Important Information

The VIP Passes are promotional passes usually for unlimited entry to the three theme parks: Movie World, Sea World & Wet n Wild. They last until 30 June each year and new ones are usually launched mid-year for expiry the following year.

It is important to note that details, pricing, terms and conditions for passes change regularly!

VIP passes tend to be given new names each year - names such as National VIP Pass or Magic VIP Pass. You can find the latest information on all the current passes on Theme Park Passes Explained including suggestions for when to use them.

Other passes specially for visitors have been introduced that may be better value for holidays. However, if you think you will visit more than once in a year (between July & June the following year), then the VIP Pass is still likely to be your best option.

There are also combination passes that package up entry to theme parks plus other popular tourist activities creating fantastic value.

If you need assistance with planning out your itinerary and choosing options for theme park tickets and other attractions, check out the Travel Planning Guide & Sheets to help you plan out your itinerary.

Back to my original answer to this question...

National VIP passes for Gold Coast theme parks - MovieWorld, SeaWorld and Wet n Wild are available for NZ residents. The National VIP Pass* gives you unlimited entry (only once per park per day) until next 30 June (they are annual and change each year).

Prices are usually same for Adults, Children and Pensioners and are usually around $20 more per person than other multi-visit passes, and around 50% more than single adult tickets and a around 55 to 60% more than single child tickets (which are less than adult tickets).

If you plan to visit all three parks can be a good deal, but there may be other deals that come along from time to time that may be better value.

To purchase you can buy online (see the link below to buy with no booking fees) and print off your vouchers. So you can do that from NZ before you arrive in Australia so it is all ready to go.

There are some terms and conditions and you will need to fill in the Season Pass Application form (this is so they can issue you with a season pass with your photo on it) and you will need ID when you go the first time.

When you buy your passes online it will save you a bit of time on the first day you go to get your pass at the first park you visit, after that you can go through the pre-paid ticket entry which is a real time saver!

From when you purchase to when you go to the first park you I think you have up to 120 days (as long as it is before the expiry of the pass which is always on the 30 June each year), so you can buy ahead or a little closer to when you travel. All prices are in AUD, so remember there will be a difference from NZ dollars depending upon the conversion rate when you buy your tickets.

There are no booking fees charged through my ticketing agent for the National VIP Passes so that is a saving even from booking it directly with the theme parks either online or by phone!

I hope that answers your question, if you have any more please post in the comments below.


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Sep 23, 2010
Pass Update
by: Annie

If you read the comments below you will see that the passes were only available for sale until 30 September 2010. That has now been extended until 30 June 2011.

The 120 day requirement still stands - that is you need to use the pass for the first time within 120 days of purchasing it.

I hope that clears things up. Annie

Aug 24, 2010
VIP Pass Tour Operator Clarified
by: Annie

In response to the comment below...

The wording in Terms and Conditions can be confusing sometimes!

In this case, the information you refer to is generic information about the procedures to pick up tickets and go on tours. This is because the ticketing system is for many different activities, such as tours, shows, theme park tickets, activities, transfers or passes.

The Tour Operator refers to whoever, or whatever you are buying the tickets for. So in the case of the National VIP Pass, the tour operator is actually Village Theme Parks who own the three theme parks (MovieWorld, SeaWorld and Wet n Wild).

You are entirely correct, just print out the vouchers as described in the instructions and then present at whichever of the three theme parks you choose to go to first. The voucher you present allows the tour operator/theme park to match your details to the booking so that they know who sent you and that you have paid already.

They will then organise your VIP Pass, which will require you to have your ID (Passport if you are from overseas). You can fill out a Season Pass application before you go to save you time in the queues when you get there.

They take your photo and then issue you with a pass that can be used at all the three parks participating in the VIP pass.

If you have any more questions, please contact me directly via my contact page and include your email, details and question so I can answer you personally.

Aug 24, 2010
VIP Pass Terms and Conditions
by: Anonymous

I dont get this part about the terms n condition for buying a vip pass to 3 world.

Who is the so called tour operator?

Cant i just print it out and give it to the ticket booth at Movie World?

Aug 08, 2010
Giving VIP Passes as a present
by: Annie

What a great idea to give as a gift.

I have two points to make about this. Firstly, the National VIP Pass offer is only on sale until 30 September 2010, so you will need to purchase before this.

Secondly, the voucher must be redeemed at the first theme park within 120 days of purchase.

From what you say, unfortunately, this timing may not work out for you. However, please contact me directly via my contact page and include your email, details and a note so I know what you are looking for and I will add you to my email list to keep you informed of any other offers that may work for you for when your daughter visits in February.

I hope that helps, Annie from Gold Coast Australia Travel Tips

Aug 08, 2010
Xmas Present
by: Anonymous

I am wanting to purchase Vip passes as a gift for xmas for my daughter who is coming to the gold coast in Feb.
Would it be the voucher that prints off when I purchase that I would wrap and give to her, or is there some other way I could give her the passes.

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