Opening times For Gold Coast Theme Parks Outside of School Holidays

by Betty W

I’m from a regional town in WA and we’re wondering if the theme parks in the Gold Coast are open when school is back on. Would anyone know??

Annie Answers
Great question, thank you for asking.

Gold Coast theme parks are generally open all year round and the opening times are mostly the same.

There can be some changes and there are a couple of days a year when they aren't open.

Christmas Day (25 December each year) is one such time when the theme parks are not open.

Another is ANZAC Day (25 April each year) when all the theme parks are closed - except Sea World which sometimes has afternoon operating hours.

Both these fall within school holidays.

For the majority of the year the theme parks open around the same times between 9.30am and 10am and close around 5pm.

During school holidays, sometimes there are slightly different times (longer in the summer) and during the Winter months the theme parks that are the water based parks may close earlier in the afternoon.

Hope that helped and you have a wonderful time visiting the Gold Coast theme parks outside of School holidays.


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