Options At Theme Parks For Kids Under 3 years

by John D
(Albury, NSW)

I have a child 2 years old. Does she have free entry and can we take her in a pram around the theme parks.
And I am interested in family passes for all the Gold Coast theme parks.

All the theme parks have free entry for children Under 3 years old. So, yes, your 2 year old has free entry. However, if your 2 year old turns 3 before you visit the Gold Coast, you will need to get a ticket for entry.

You can take your child in a pram around the theme parks, and they can enjoy some of the tame rides and attractions too. At each ride or attraction there are details about who can ride or enter, and there are sometimes options where a child can be on your knee.

If you are able to take them on some of the rides or into attractions or exhibitions (particularly Sea World), you will need to take them out of their pram and bring them in. Usually, there is a spot close by to leave strollers and prams. For example, you can take them in to watch the Dolphin show at Sea World, but you would need to leave the stroller at the entrance.

I hope that answers that question regarding bringing a 2 year old into the Gold Coast theme parks, and also gives you an idea of what they can enjoy once inside.

You asked also about family pass options for all the theme parks. That is quite a complicated question and I would need to understand who is making up your family, which theme parks you want to visit and if you want to visit any of them more than once whilst in the Gold Coast. The reason is, that the tickets and passes change from time to time and sometimes there are actually better options than the family tickets.

I recommend you either check out the deals on the main theme park deals for the latest theme park ticket and pass options.

Or you can contact me directly with your question and the extra details I suggested above, so that I can help you choose the right options for you and your family.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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