Schools In Gold Coast

by Helaine

We are emigrating with our children to Australia and your site has helped a great deal. I was wondering if you could help me with Gold Coast schools around the Runaway Bay, Arundel, Labrador area or surrounding areas. That's where we are planning on living and want to know what options for schools.

There are certainly plenty of options for schools in the Gold Coast.

Here are a couple of links for you to check out the schools for yourself.

If you have any specific questions or any general feedback about a school - if I can help I will.

A few quick facts about schools in Australia. School year in Australia starts in January through to December. In Queensland they tend to take the cut off mid year around 30 June, which I have always found a little odd, but check with the school.

Each state in Australia has a slightly different structure with education, but in Queensland we have a Prep to Year 12 structure, primary ends either Y6 or Y7 depending upon the school, some schools have middle schools others do not.

Queensland works usually on 4 terms within two semesters.

I am not sure of eligibility for those coming from overseas to State funded education, you will need to check with Queensland Education Department information about state schools.

Try the Queensland Education website

Private education in Australia is not as expensive as in UK or other countries (well at least that is my perception!).

If you are after information about the different types of independent schools this is a really fantastic resource:

Just search for independent schools.

Hope this is useful,

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