Super Pass vs VIP Pass

by Nash

Combo passes to the theme parks: Super Pass vs VIP Pass

Important Information

Below is an excellent question about the differences between Super Pass and VIP Passes for Gold Coast theme parks: Movie World, Sea World and Wet n Wild.

It highlights things like the difference in length and different prices for Adults & Children.

And also explores the potential issues with purchasing one pass for Adults and another type for Children to get the best result. From time to time there are circumstances when this may be the case, please make sure when choosing your theme park tickets and passes that you take all these things into consideration.

It is important to note that details, pricing, terms and conditions for the various combination passes and deals for Gold Coast theme parks change regularly!

The Super Pass has been replaced by other passes and there have been various deals and promotions for VIP Passes. On the Theme Park Passes Explained page you will find current options including suggestions for when to use them.

Nash asks
Please correct me if I'm wrong:

- both Super Pass & VIP Pass provide unlimited entries to the 3 theme parks, but with different length of time

- comparing the price of the two passes, Super Pass is more expensive for adults but cheaper for children because it offers different (lower) price for children. VIP Pass is cheaper for adults but more expensive for children because there is no price differentiation (flat rate for adult & children alike)

As such, for a family with kids planning to have unlimited entries to the 3 theme parks but within a week only, the best option is to purchase Super Pass for the kids and VIP Pass for the parents. Am I right?

However, just need to be sure - if we purchase separate/different passes:

1) will there be any difficulty when entering the parks? For example, are there separate entrances for different passes?

2) will there be any difference in terms of eligibility to enjoy the rides?

Hope you can give some insights into the above. Thanks!

Please Note: As mentioned before the question, details, pricing and terms and conditions for the various combination passes and deals for Gold Coast theme parks change regularly!

Please check Latest Deals at Gold Coast Theme Parks for up to date theme park ticket and pass deals.

Back to Nash's Excellent Question about the difference between Super Pass and VIP Pass...

You certainly have done your homework! Yes you were correct (at the time of answering this) VIP Pass was best value for adults, Super Pass best value for kids and pensioners (Australia and NZ only). However that has now changed....

The VIP Pass is a promotional pass and is generally only on sale for a limited time each year.

Super Passes usually offer unlimited entry over a 28 day period to all three theme parks Sea World, Wet n Wild and Movie World. The new passes are the same price for Adults and children, which makes it so much easier!

To answer some of your questions about the logistics of buying different tickets or passes for different members of your group...

Even if you bought different passes, you don't need to line up at a different gate for them. When you enter the theme park on the first visit, there may be some slightly different procedures depending on the pass purchased, but you certainly don't enter through different gates or have to be separated. And once inside there is no distinction between the various passes.

Check the terms and conditions when you buy the pass, you may need to fill in a Season Pass form for a VIP Passes before you go in and also, they take a photo on first entry (and you need to take ID with you to verify who you are etc) but apart from that pretty much the same. So you won't have to separate from the kids.

Be aware that kids are 3 to 13 years inclusive at the three theme parks covered by these deals (Sea World, Movie World and Wet n Wild).

Once you are inside the parks, you can go on all the rides, see the shows etc that are included in park entry regardless of the pass or ticket you enter with. Entry does not include food, drinks, or extras such as Sea World Helicopters or the Animal Adventures in Sea World which are pay per use. I hope that make sense!

Hope that was helpful, please leave any further questions or comments below. If you found this helpful, you can Like it, Tweet it and share on Facebook ;-) Thanks for spreading the word...


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