Surfing and Other Things To Do In the Gold Coast

by Bob

I'm interested in surfing and other things to do in the Gold Coast.

I'm a novice surfer and I would like to visit Australia in December.

Is the Gold Coast the best place for me? I've heard that surfing for beginner should be done away from the Gold Coast and Sydney.

What else is there to do on the Gold Coast?

Wow! Things to do on the Gold Coast! Where to start!

Let's talk about surfing first, and please understand I am definitely not a surfer! However, my brother-in-law and sister both love surfing and enjoy surfing when they visit the Gold Coast. From what he has told me, there are certain places on the Gold Coast where there is definitely a local's pecking order and probably not good for the novices ;-). Those places tend to get very busy when the surf is good and are usually the places where you need a bit of experience to surf them anyway.

Based on the fact that there are a couple of great surf schools on the Gold Coast I would say that the Gold Coast is not a bad place to learn to surf. Like anywhere if you are a novice, you are probably best to go out with a local or book in a lesson with a pro to at least get a feel for what you need to look out for.

You will find surf lessons at many locations around the Gold Coast including Surfers Paradise but here are a few other options:

Surfing lessons in Broadbeach

Surfing lessons in Coolangatta

Surfing lessons in Main Beach

Also, if you don't have a surfboard or don't want the hassle of bringing your own you can always hire a surfboard in Gold Coast - there are several locations and it isn't usually too hard to find one.

Somewhere in there I am sure you will find something that will suit you!

Gold Coast Things To Do other than surf!
The Gold Coast has lots of attractions, from the theme parks, to lots of adventure and adrenalin pumping activities.

There are some great deals to be had on the Gold Coast Theme Parks at the moment, especially if you plan to visit several of them during your visit.

I hope that answers your questions, if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or leave comments below.

Have a great trip in December and I hope you visit the Gold Coast, let us know what you think of the surfing!

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Sep 16, 2010
I know a safe beginners surfing spot on gold coast
by: Tim

Hi Bob, read your question. I confirm that in December if the waves are good, you will have competition for wave catching....but Currumbin Alley is THE BEST place for starting to surf. All the surfing schools go there and because everyone is learning, they are understanding. Come over, the Gold Coast is an awesome place in the summer.

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