Surfing in Gold Coast in October

by ZZ

I am a beginner. Wondering to visit Surfers Paradise again in early October. What will the weather be like?
And most importantly, are there at least 3 foot swells around the gold coast at that period?


Hi ZZ,
I am not a surfer, so I can only go by what I have been told or read about surfing! I understand that the surf for beginners on the Gold Coast is pretty good all year round. When we have rough weather usually from cyclones etc further north then the conditions probably are too rough for beginners.

The water is pretty warm year round getting down to about 19C during the winter months, but October should be warmer and the weather should be warming up by then.

Check out Gold Coast weather, and the following surf schools:

Surf in Paradise - Surfing lessons at The Spit because they feel the breaks are better and more consistent there for beginners.

1st Wave Surfing - Surfing lessons at Main Beach near Southport Surf Life Saving Club.

Godfathers Of The Ocean Surf School - Operates from Burleigh Heads and under the eye of Michael "Munga" Barry you learn his method of surfing. He was 11 years on the WCT Surfing Tour - so I figure he knows what he is talking about.

I am sure that if you ask the question of these guys they will be able to give you more details on expected surf conditions during October. And if you want to drop by with the information in the comments that would be great.

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