The weather in Gold Coast and Tangalooma in Early December

by Nazura J

What is the weather in Gold Coast and Tangalooma in early December likely to be?

I have planned to take my kids to Gold Coast and Tangalooma in November but unfortunately I now have to postpone the trip to second week of December.

I am really concerned about the weather. I have checked the info you provided in this wonderful website and coming from Malaysia, whilst I am not concerned with the temperature, it's the rain that I am concerned with as I really want my kids to be able to enjoy the theme parks and the stay in Tangalooma.

Am I being unnecessarily concerned here? Hope to get you opinion on this.

Warm regards,

I wish I could tell you exactly what the weather will be like when you visit in December! Unfortunately, even our long term weather forecasters are unable to do that too!

I am finding that at the moment, we are experiencing the La Nina effect, which means we are getting more wet conditions. It is part of the normal cycles here.

The rains in summer (and December is a summer month) are generally monsoonal - shorter but heavier rain falls.

At this time of the year, the pattern is usually clouds building during the day, humidity rising and then a summer storm with rains in the late afternoon, early evening. Obviously it can play out a little differently with storms and rainfall occuring during the day.

The Gold Coast theme parks can (to some extent) still be enjoyed in wet weather, MovieWorld has an extensive undercover area and the water parks Wet n Wild and Whitewater World... well you are wet already! At the theme parks some of the more adventure thrill rides close in certain weather conditions.

I don't know if you have checked out my page on rainy day activities which should give you some ideas and more information about the Gold Coast when it is raining.

For Tangalooma, once again it would be hard to predict the weather, although I would always pick warm, humid and raining over cold at Tangalooma!

I am sorry I cannot be more specific, I wish I could. However, on the bright side, Gold Coast attractions are usually relatively quiet during that second week of December because the locals are still at school and the shopping centres are busy in preparation for Christmas!

Please let me know if you have any more questions or if something is not clear. Let us know how you go with your trip, especially your visit to Tangalooma.


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Sep 06, 2017
by: Annie

When it is hot there are usually flies... But I don't find flies to be a big problem unless I am going somewhere with a lot of trees or mangroves etc. So in Surfers usually not a huge problem.

If it has been raining you may find mozzies or midges and the occasional sand fly. We tend to wear Parak'ito bands to keep the bugs in general away, but you can also use other insect repellents.

Hope that helps answer the questions Wendy,

Sep 03, 2017
Flies ....
by: Wendy

Flies... will there be flies in surfers paradise around mid to end of Dec? We are thinking of making a trip.


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