Two Theme Parks In One Day

Two Theme Parks in one day?

Am I able to go to Movie World and Wet and Wild in one day with my Super pass?


The Super Pass is no longer officially available, however there are many similar passes and options. Each pass has it's own terms and conditions.

Over on our Gold Coast theme park passes page you will find the options and basic terms and conditions. Click the links for all the details.

Great question, and the easy answer is YES you can go to the two Gold Coast theme parks, Movie World and Wet n Wild with your Super Pass.

It is a great option to do just that as they are right next door to each other and you can walk from one to the other.

However... there is a slight catch....

Well it isn't a catch, it's just in the small print of the Terms and Conditions.

Whilst you can do both theme parks on the same day, you CANNOT return to any theme park on the same day.

That means, for example, you can start at MovieWorld and then head to Wet n Wild to cool down and have some water fun, but you cannot go back into MovieWorld that day.

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