Weather in Gold Coast during early December

by Lee

Weather in Gold Coast during early December

I'm planning for my family vacation to Gold Coast during early December, and wondering what the weather is like during that season.

Early December is a brilliant time to visit the Gold Coast! It is the beginning of our summer months and the weather is usually warm and a bit humid by then!

The average temperature range is between 19C to 27C, but it can be warmer than that on any given day with a possible extreme top temperature around 40C - though that would be rare! The sea temperature is around 23C at that time of the year and the humidity is high.

During December we can get early summer storms, they are variable, but usually the humidity builds during the day and so do the thick grey clouds. If that happens, often the rain happens in the afternoon and can be quite strong. Obviously weather is not predictable, but that is the general pattern.

One of the main reasons why I think it is great time to visit the Gold Coast, is that the local school kids are still at school until about the middle of December (you can check school holiday details here. This leave more coast for the visitors! Generally not too crowded. Shopping Centres can be busy with Christmas Shopping especially on the weekends.

You may get the tail end of the schoolies visitors (the Year 12 students graduating and letting their hair down) but their official celebrations are usually in the last week of November and a good time to avoid Surfers Paradise! You'll find a bit more information on schoolies below:

Let me know below if you have any more questions.


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