What happens to the theme parks when there are thunderstorms?

by Vincent

What happens to the theme parks when there are thunderstorms?

We're going to the gold coast soon and there are thunderstroms and rain forecast for almost everyday in January and we're mainly going to the theme parks, so I'm worried that I'll get wet and soaked and the parks will close.

So what will happen to the theme parks when those things happen?

All the theme parks have different procedures for the different weather conditions. Usually, if there is any extreme weather, they will close individual rides and attractions that may be affected during the extreme weather.

Thunderstorms generally do not last all day, they roll through and are gone. Usually in minutes, but sometimes a bit longer.

The weather at the moment is rather unusual, but in between the rain there is often plenty of time to enjoy many aspects of the theme parks.

I have just been away on holiday myself and found myself in attractions during heavy rain and thunder and lightning storms. We took a few moments, readjusted what we were doing to fit the weather and carried on enjoying our holiday.

To give you an example... today there have been two thunderstorms that I can remember, in between we carried on our usual activities, took umbrellas, wore rain macs and had open shoes (no point in getting wet socks!).

There are specific health and safety rules that all theme parks, public locations, swimming pools and other attractions have to abide by particularly when it comes to severe weather and storms.

If you want more information for each specific park, you will need to call them directly - I have looked on their websites and cannot find exactly what you are looking for. As I mentioned this weather is particularly unsual and I am sure that the theme park management will try to ensure both your safety and enjoyment as much as they can during this peak holiday time.

I hope that answers your question, if you have any more, please leave a comment below and I will try to answer in more detail for you.


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