When Did Oprah Visit Australia

When did Oprah visit Australia?

What time of the year did Oprah visit Australia?

I watched all the shows and it seems the weather was great.

Oprah visited Australia in December 2010 to film Oprah's Ultimate Australian Adventure shows.

I had to check back on my Gold Coast Australia Travel Tips facebook page to see exactly when it was! I think Oprah arrived around the 9 December 2010 and flew in to Cairns and then down to Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays. In total I think she stayed 8 days and travelled to Queensland, Northern Territory (Uluru or Ayers Rock), Melbourne and Sydney.

Oprah's film crew were in Australia for about 3 weeks or so before she arrived. Oprah's Ultimate Viewers arrived the day before she did and stayed either 7 or 8 days. They got to visit several other fabulous Australian destinations including Perth in Western Australia, Kakadu in Northern Territories, Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Philip Island in Victora and many more - oh not forgetting the amazing Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.

In the first episode which covered her first few days in Australia, she mentioned the floods in some parts of Queensland. Later in December and into January other parts of Queensland have been suffering from rather unusual rainfall and flooding.

If you check out my facebook page for that time, you will see that we had hot and humid days and then rain too.

December is Summer in Australia and in the northern areas which are the tropical and subtropical zones it is the rainy season. Usually rainy means we have heavy monsoonal rain, and often very hot and sunny days.

Trying to work out what is the best time to visit Australia can be quite complex and depend on many factors.

If you have any more questions about when to visit you can contact me personally, through my contact form.

I hope that answered your question and we look forward to you visiting Australia soon. I am so glad that seeing the Oprah Australia shows has made you want to visit. That is so exciting.

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