Best Time For Snorkeling on the Gold Coast

by Tim Nelson
(Sun Valley, ID)

When is the Best Time for snorkeling on the Gold Coast Australia?

In particular is January any better than December or vice versa for snorkeling in Gold Coast?

Well you cannot beat the warm water on the Gold Coast in both January and December for snorkeling that is for sure!

There are a couple of things that can affect the snorkeling the most obvious one at that time of year is water clarity. There is no real difference between the two months with regard to this, but heavy rains (by that I mean big and lasting a long time) and summer storms stirring up the water and making it choppy. Those have the biggest effect on the water clarity - unfortunately there is no way of predicting when those will occur.

The good thing is that after the rains the clarity often comes back fairly quicky.

On the Gold Coast more people enjoy snorkeling through the spring and summer months (September through to April approximately) but you can snorkel at any time of the year in the Gold Coast.

There are a few good spots for snorkelling on the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Snorkelling and Diving take snorkel and diving trips out year round.

They also offer dive trips and they say the winter diving is popular because of the water clarity and the visiting Grey Nurse Sharks and I have heard they even catch glimpses of the majestic humpbacks during whale season.

Snorkelling in either January or December should be great in the Gold Coast, and I don't believe either one is any better or worse than the other. I hope that was helpful.

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