Gold Coast Weather for Holidays in March or May

by Lynda
(Sydney, Australia)

Gold Coast Weather for Holidays in March or May

I am trying to decide on when to visit Gold Coast March or May.

Is May cold at Gold Coast or is the weather nice enough to swim generally?

Would it be better to holiday there mid to late March, though I am just not sure with the rainfall from summer?

Ah, to have a crystal ball for the weather!

In my opinion May can be lovely, a lot less humid than the summer months and the water temperature is still quite warm.

In reality, the Gold Coast is an all year round destination. We go to the beach on sunny winter days and if it is not too windy, we swim too. So May, should be a good time to visit.

March can have a bit of rain, but is not generally as wet as December, January or February.

In March you will have to check whether your holiday co-incides with school holidays, which move around depending upon Easter.

May doesn't have any school holidays, but there is a long weekend at the beginning of the month.

If you like to swim in a pool, you might want to check if there is an indoor heated pool where you are staying, that is always a good backstop if the weather is a bit cooler than you expect or for later in the afternoons.

I say an indoor pool because the outdoor heated pools are never as warm and they generally only heat them when it gets to winter (June, July and August) and personally, I am a real wuss when it comes to swimming in a cool pool!

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