Holidaying with the family for first time?

by hayley

We are planning to take the kids to queensland in the middle of next year. When is a good month and can we still go to wet & wild?

We are going to the theme parks and i have no clue what the weather will be like?

We cant go in sept as that when we are busy at work we only have june, july or august to take a break...please help???

The theme parks are definitely a big part of any family visit to the Gold Coast. Both the water parks Wet n Wild and Whitewater World cater for visitors all year around by heating the water during the cooler months.

June will be the warmest of the months you mention with August being the coolest, although July gets pretty cool too! Or is it just us acclimatised Queenslanders that think it is cool!

Gold Coast weather is variable, but you will find it is usually much warmer than where you are coming from (central Victoria). It can still be cool to cold on the Gold Coast during those months, but not like you will be used to. The other advantage of coming in the winter months is you can take the kids on a whale watching tour! One of my favourite winter activities!

The big tip for going to the Gold Coast water theme parks during the winter months is to try to pick a day when it isn't windy. The water is warm, but standing in queues and getting out of the water seems so much colder when it is windy.

It will also depend upon your children and their ages. When my youngest was small (under 7) we still went to the water parks in the winter, but we picked our days and made sure she had plenty of warm dry clothes to change into if she got too cold. The older kids seem not to feel it.

Check out my pages about the weather and general conditions in each of the months:

There you will find some information about the weather you can expect and some hints and tips.

One other consideration, if you don't have to travel in school holidays, then you can take advantage of some better pricing for accommodation and flights. It is worth checking the dates of school holidays and I really recommend avoiding them if you can, you will also have the added benefit of less crowds at the theme parks!

If you need more information you can leave a comment below or contact me via my contact page for more specific questions.

Hope this helps,

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