Which Weather Website Gives Best Forecast

by Amanda Gibbins

Which weather website gives best forecast?

Could you please tell me which weather website you have found to be the most accurate when looking for weekly/fortnightly forecasts for the Gold Coast.

I have found a couple of sites but they are quite different to each other, so it is hard to know what is correct.

Weather is tricky! However, you probably would have to say that the Bureau of Meterology (BOM) website would have to have the most accurate information...

Current Weather Forecast from BOM covering Gold Coast

However.... if you look at that information it is pretty hard to decipher and not very well presented and also very general.

The data I have on the Gold Coast weather page is collated from the BOM statistics and the current Gold Coast weather page has a box provided by weatherzone which has lots of information. I used that, because when originally researched for that page, it was giving the best and most accurate information I could find. But weather forecasts aren't perfect!

The other reason you may be getting different weather forecasts is that the feeds you are looking at can come from several different weather stations on the Gold Coast. The geography of the Gold Coast creates different localised weather patterns.

  • Gold Coast is usually Gold Coast Seaway which is near Southport and good for Surfers, Main Beach, Broadbeach etc)

  • Coolangatta or Gold Coast Airport is good for the southern end of the Gold Coast including Burleigh, Miami, Kirra, Coolangatta and Tweed Heads

  • Nerang for hinterland areas including Mt Nathan, Mt Tamborine, Lamington and to some extent covers the theme park areas in the Oxenford and Coomera areas.

Here's a link to a map of Gold Coast to help decipher where all these places are!

These are once again generalisations. For example the weather in Brisbane can be vastly different to the weather in the Gold Coast, both temperature wise and rain wise!

Some days I can drive from Southport in clouds and rain to Robina where the sun is shining! The weather seems to hang around in certain areas and when I drive back I get to a certain intersection and the rain starts again!

I guess to summarise: the weather will depend a little on where you will be in the Gold Coast. Sometimes it is pretty much the same, but often times there are quite marked localised effects.

If you are happy with the generalisations, I suggest you check my current weather page, which is set to the Gold Coast Seaway weather station data. If you want to dig deeper and don't mind reading the BOM website... that is where the raw data comes from for all the weather feeds.

I hope that helps, please let me know if you have any other questions or you need clarification.

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