Air Conditioning In Apartment In May

by Glenys

Do we need air conditioning in apartment in May on the Gold Coast?

If travelling in late May to the Gold Coast, do we need air conditioning for the apartment we will be staying in for 1 week.

Is it hot or humid in May?

Relative to other times of the year the weather in May on the Gold Coast is usually not really hot nor really humid.

The average temperatures during May are 13°C to 22°C (55°F to 72°F) with historical extremes of 1°C to 32°C (34°F to 90°F) on the Gold Coast. Humidity is on average 72%.

Airconditioning in your accommodation is particularly useful when it is hot at night. It is unlikely that the temperatures overnight are going to be so hot as to make it hard to sleep.

However, it is relative to where you are coming from. You will find likely find it feels more humid than Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne or NZ at this time of the year. Humidity can make it feel hotter for you than the temperature suggests, especially if you are used to lower humidity.

Air conditioning in your apartment during a holiday in May on the Gold Coast is certainly not a necessity at this time of the year. I usually recommend air con for any time from November through to March, and a nice to have for the other times.

If you are worried, ask if the apartment you are staying in has ceiling fans, because usually just moving the air around can be enough when it is not too hot or humid.

Some apartments can catch breezes with windows open(as long as it isn't too noisy to do that) so it isn't quite so vital to have aircon when it is hot and humid (though I still stand by my personal recommendation to seek out airconditioning between November and March!), so the location may also play a part.

Hope that answer helped, let me know below if you have any other comments or questions. Have a great trip, let us know how you got on.

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