Australian Vacation For 2 Adults

by Kathy A
(Chillicothe, Ohio USA)

I Need some help planning Australian vacation for 2 adults.

I would like to visit Australia next December with my spouse. We would prefer a more "away from the busy town" type of stay. We have no idea where the right spot would be.

We love to be at a beach, preferable not with hundreds of other poeple. Also, we would like to see the more natural part of Australia, kangaroos, kaolas, etc. We are fine without hustle and bustle.

I teach school, so I'd have to go during North America summer, or we could go around Christmas. We like warm/hot weather.

Any suggestions?

Any suggestions for an Australian holiday for 2 adults? WOW - where do I start! I could write a book or three on that one!

Looks like two major things to work out. When and where! The when and where also interact! As some places in Australia are better at certain times of the year.

I will probably incur the wrath of so many people by writing this... but personally if I was to choose between Northern Hemisphere Summer time travel to Australia and December/Christmas holiday time travel to Australia - I think I would have to say that hands down Northern Hemisphere Summertime travel wins - especially if you are staying in the top half of Australia and of course I am biased!

The main reason for this statement is that although it is warmer (and sometimes way too warm and wet) in our Australian Summer time, it is also when Australian's take their holidays.

My family and I were just away for two weeks - one week before Christmas and then between Christmas and New Year. When we got to our holiday destination (a few hours drive north of the Gold Coast) and pretty much in the middle of nowhere - the locals told us it would get busy for Christmas. I thought, there's no way it will bother me, this town just isn't big enough for that many people and the beach is huge, surely it won't get busy... well by Christmas Eve (24 December) I was eating my words and the beach on Christmas Day was teaming with people. We had been for walks up and down the same beach (10 miles of beach) and virtually to ourselves - we would have found 1 or two people every few minutes of walk before the holidays started.

So that is why, I would personally recommend, that if you have a choice to pick the quieter times away from main Australian school holidays.

During the Australian Winter - June, July and August there are some extremes of weather. In parts of inland and mountainous New South Wales (NSW) and Victoria (VIC) you we have snow skiing! From your description that is NOT what you want.

However, and I have done this myself, visiting inland to Uluru (formerly Ayers Rock) and Alice Springs, although often very cold at night at that time of the year, during the day it can be glorious sunny weather and warm.

Queensland is a popular destination during Australian winter for people from the colder areas coming here for some warmer holiday weather! Generally the further north you go in Australian Winter the warmer it gets. Cairns and Port Douglas from my own experience are in the high 20s during the days at this time of the year, though it can be windy. Our family have been up there on many occassions during June, July and August and we still snorkel at the beach, swim over the reef (on trips to the reef) and enjoy all the outdoor activity.

Something you also need to consider is what you want to see and do whilst in Australia. Do you want to just come and relax, enjoy the beach, see some native animals and pretty much stay in one spot? Or do you have a burning desire to cross off some of those MUST SEEs from your bucket list? Sydney Opera House, Uluru, Great Barrier Reef etc?

The answers to some of those questions will also help you work out where you do and probably do not want to go in Australia.

As you can imagine, I could go on an on. What I will suggest is for you to carefully consider the pros and cons of visiting Australia at the various times of the year. You can find more about:

There is quite a bit of information in those pages to go through. When you have had a look through those, if you have any more questions you can leave a comment below or contact me personally, use my contact form.

I hope I have helped a little. Good luck and happying planning for your Australian vacation! Let me know how you get on.

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