Best Beaches in Gold Coast for swimming

by Raquel

Best beaches for swimming in at Gold Coast

I will be in Gold Coast (Currumbin Valley) in September.

I would like to know which are the best beaches for swimming?

Thanks very much!

Great question Anna. There are many great spots to swim at the beach in the Gold Coast. The number one rule is to ALWAYS SWIM BETWEEN THE RED AND YELLOW FLAGS.

On the main Gold Coast beaches there are flagged areas at various places along the beach from the Spit in the north to Coolangatta in the south.

From the Currumbin Valley, you are nearer the southern end of the Gold Coast so you may enjoy swimming at beaches such as Burleigh, Tallebudgera Creek (one of our favourites), Currumbin, Kirra and Coolangatta.

In the southern end of the Gold Coast, Coolangatta's Greenmount Beach and Rainbow Bay would have to be some of our favourite spots to swim as there is often some shelter and if you have children with you, there are some shallow areas which are great for the kids when the tide is out.

You can also swim at Currumbin Rock Pools, though I have never been there myself, but always be careful when swimming in areas you don't know as there can be underwater rocks.

I hope that helps you out, it will be lovely time of the year to visit Gold Coast as the weather should be warming up and so should the water. We are also very fortunate in that the Gold Coast DOES NOT get the poisonous marine stingers and jelly fish that they get further north and we don't have crocodiles either!

Let me know if you have any more questions.

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