Best Part of September For Gold Coast Visit

by Alice Ong

Best Part of September For Gold Coast Visit

I am going to Gold Coast in September. Which date is better early, mid or late September?

Great question about when to visit Gold Coast during September.

There are two things to consider: weather and school holidays.

September is the first month of Spring on the Gold Coast and it starts to warm up. Obviously the later in the month the warmer the weather.

Secondly, school holidays can affect visits to Gold Coast during September because Queensland school holidays start usually in the last week of September and run into October.

School holidays affect the cost of accommodation, with the best accommodation also often booking out early, but it is usually a peak time and the cost of accommodation is generally higher than other times.

Also, during school holidays, the Gold Coast tends to be busier with more visitors. Theme parks and attractions are often busier, queues for rides longer etc.

In my opinion, if you can travel outside of school holidays, then that is better. However, in general September is a great month to visit the Gold Coast!

I am sure you will have a great time whenever you visit. Oh, and another great thing about visiting during September is that it is a great time for whale watching and you may even see some of the newly born whale calves with their mums.

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